Hassani Handcrafted is a American ready-to-wear fashion brand, blending avant-garde aestherics with a luxe approach.

Founded in 2012 Saint Louis, MO.



-hassani, ofWIND Presentation Rehearsal 2016


H A S S A N I  H A M I L T O N

Originally dropping sports and moving to Chicago, IL to pursue fashion, Hassani attended The Illinois Art institute-Chicago and studied for a B.A in Fashion Marketing. While there he began to take further steps towards becoming a designer, networking throuhout the city putting the pieces together to then launch Hassani Handcrafted in 2012. 


" A lot of the inspiration stems from a futuristic approach, elaborating on modern designs. My inspiration follows the high/low fashion format and is inspired by geographical areas from America to the Far East. "


-hassani, ALIVE MAG 2016